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In the course of business, situations can occur when companies change. It is a specific process that is sensitive by its nature and should be managed professionally in order to prevent any complications for any of the parties.

Our Key Activities Are Mainly:

  • Finding investors, business partners and investment opportunities.
  • We provide complex management of the selling process. We give advice on the optimal structure of transactions and provide assistance with negotiating contract conditions.
  • We carry out financial due diligence of companies that will give you all the necessary information about a potential transaction and the appropriateness of its price and identify its potential risks.
  • We prepare a data room containing the necessary information about the company and take care of all the required communication with potential takers.

Our company provides professional consultancy for the processes of mergers, acquisitions and divestments. Our expert services help our clients complete any transaction successfully.

In transactions, we offer our clients a wide range of services. This means mainly finding potential investors or investment opportunities, then assisting in the selling process including structuring transactions, preparing required documents and negotiating contracts of sale.

We provide services of financial due diligence to investors where we check the reliability of financial information, verify a company’s business plan and create individual performance indicators. Thorough complex analysis is of significant importance for both the buyer and the seller; it affects the price of a transaction and prevents unexpected expenses connected to acquisitions.

Through changing capital and ownership structures, a company can successfully expand its market, reorganize, change its legal status or transfer assets. With our services, our clients maximize their revenues from such transactions.


We will find you a suitable acquisition or help you find a strategic partner


We will assist you during the whole M&A process


We will help you with an optimal structure for the whole transaction

We will carry out due diligence for your company and identify any transaction risks


CAJKU Česká republika, s.r.o.

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TITC – Technology Innovation Transfer Chamber
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E-mail: info@cajku.cz
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