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Every business deals with a certain administrative burden. We help businesses reduce the burden through our complex services within business bookkeeping and tax records.

Our key activities are mainly:

  • Bookkeeping and tax records
  • Preparation of final statements
  • Staff and payroll administration
  • Preparation of annual reports
  • Representation before authorities

We offer our clients consultancy related to common business administration, that is, services in accounting, tax records, payroll administration, preparation of final statements, tax returns and communication with authorities.

The services we offer include complete administration of accounting and tax records, preparation final outputs of financial statements (tax return, profit and loss statement, balance sheet, annex to financial statements). We also prepare annual reports if needed.

We want to make daily business easy for our clients, therefore we represent them in communication with authorities and deal with their regular agenda at the Tax Office, Social Security Administration and the relevant health insurance company.

In terms of staff and payroll administration, we take care of payroll processing, issuing pay slips, calculation of the contribution, issuing and delivery of contribution reports, final statements, calculation of employment tax and keeping employee records, establishment or cancellation of employees’ social and health insurance.

We organize all the services in full compliance with valid Acts on Accounting and related accounting standards.


We will provide you complete administration of accounting and tax records

We will complete your tax returns and represent you in communication and contact with authorities


We will prepare your final statements

We will manage your staff and payroll administration


CAJKU Česká republika, s.r.o.

Business adress:
TITC – Technology Innovation Transfer Chamber
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Brno – Medlánky 612 00
Czech Republic

E-mail: info@cajku.cz
Phone: (+420) 511 156 308

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