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We believe that high-quality property management is beneficial not only to the owners but also to tenants and provides satisfaction to all parties.

Our key activities are mainly:

  • Administration related to renting properties and keeping records including regular energy and service billing
  • Technical management of properties related to routine maintenance and repairs

We bring our clients complex property management. Our operational-economic services include administration of proper property operation.

Our company will help you reduce the administrative burden connected to real estate leasing. We keep complete and clear records of all our clients’ units and tenants. We also control costs related to the operation and we create financial plans.

Calculation of adequate energy consumption payments for individual tenants, overviews of regular payments and management of energy and service billing are also part of our services.

We also handle technical property management, meaning that we take care of the property’s smooth operation by securing all the routine maintenance and repairs related to it. We keep track of dates of periodic revisions to secure good technical condition in accordance with relevant legislation.


We manage regular energy and service billing

We prepare overviews of regular payments for individual tenants


We take care of routine maintenance and repairs and therefore secure the smooth operation of the property

We keep track of costs, set adequate advance payments; we keep records and create financial plans


CAJKU Česká republika, s.r.o.

Business adress:
TITC – Technology Innovation Transfer Chamber
Purkyňova 648/125
Brno – Medlánky 612 00
Czech Republic

E-mail: info@cajku.cz
Phone: (+420) 511 156 308

Identification details
29354820, VAT: CZ29354820
File no.: C 74759 registered at Brno Regional Court
Data box: apji7v


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